Welcome to Dawson Productions

We specialize in planning, promotion and detailed production of unique school, business, networking, social and celebratory events. Our events are first class and unparalleled to any others. We provide an ambiance that is indescribable – something you must experience to understand.

Whatever your needs may be in regards to any type of event, Dawson Productions can happily assist you. Our consulting encompasses a large array of events, ranging from charity functions, school events, fundraisers and corporate meetings, to networking and business events, social functions, celebrations and themed parties.

If you have a small idea of what you would like to do, we will help you plan, fine tune, and execute. With our strong attention to every detail we will bring any idea to life. No matter what type of event you are trying to put together, Dawson Productions will help give it the touches that will make your event feel so unique and special that it will be a memorable experience for all of your guests!

To speak with us about an event please call 206-930-8830


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